Thursday, May 26, 2005


Bad Sports???

Vinay put a very legit point on his blog. Why do we call this blog Good Sports? Is there anything as bad sports at all?
Makes me ponder, let's see.....
OK, that India v/s SriLanka test match where India declared at 600 odd, and then SriLanka piled up 900+, with the Jayasuriya 300 and Mahanama 200-odd, was certainly bad sports.
Indian football, today, is certainly bad sports.
A certain David Beckham, when the football is in motion.
Kapil Dev, just before his retirement, playing for the damn record's sake.
Greg Norman, during losing the Augusta masters (.... '97?) to Faldo, after leading by ... what.... 7 shots before the last day. (thereby, Faldo's heroics become GoodSports automatically)..... And Jana Novotna...... remember the Steffi-Jana match at Wimbledon..... Oh, oh poor Jana......
Few (very few, I insist) KQA quizzes, which, trying to border on the esoteric, topple over to being arbit.
(And I insist again, Quizzing, like Scrabble and Debating, is sport.... and not pastime like dumb-charades etc.)
Baseball (and WWE is entertainment, not sport. So call it art if you may, but not sport).
Marat Safin's court antics, sometimes. Never his game.
Bodybuilding..... which is nothing, really. And I still go to the gym.
But hell, that does not mean that we would not discuss bad sports either, does it?
And criticisms, choke-slams, suplexes and submission-holds are welcome.

There's no such thing as a good/great sports and bad sports (Maybe, bad sports are those who can't accept defeat gracefully..Arsene Wenger, of late, for instance).

We love these games that we passionately write about and that's probably the reason why we would like to convince ourselves that these sports are great. To be honest, the Olympics can lay claim to be the only sporting event that can be termed as great and wonderful. Primarily because of the ethos from which it was created and secondly, the respect it gets even in this modern cut-throat world of today.

Its the matches or the competitions that are usually great (or bad as the case maybe). Can u blame India for putting up 600+ and SRL for replying with 900+ if the pitch was comatose? We talk of sporting pitches. Unless "sporting" means "fairness", I dont understand the logic behind this demand.

Indian hockey is probably in a worse shape compared to Indian football, gimmicks like PHL notwithstanding. (Yeah..the foreign players came, took their paychecks and left happily. Does anyone remember who actually won the thing?).

David Beckham is a fame-crazed fool. Nothing else.

If that was not the motivating factor for Kapil to keep going just a few days more, then I don't know what would have been.

I dont really know what happened between Faldo and Norman, and hence, I wont comment on this.

Is it bad sports to let go of emotions after losing in the final of the most prestigious tennis tournament?

WWE, Safin's antics, etc are all entertainment. Sport at the highest level is too. But the nature of performance is different.

I hope there's more oil in the fire now..;-)
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