Tuesday, May 10, 2005


A ticket! A ticket! My kingdom for a ticket!

Bond, Leppy, Vaish and I have been trying to score tickets for the world cup in Germany. We applied for the first round... none of us were alloted tickets. The second round is for team specific tickets only. Now we have to wait till the third round - in December! Totally sucks. In the meantime, I am willing to sell upto 4 bottles of blood in addition to face value of ticket. Price negotiable.
I'd be willing to sell a few litres too, though i still prob wouldn't be able to afford a trip to germany :-(.

Anyone willing to donate for this noble cause?? Maybe we should make a case to the indian govt for a subsidy ... for the greatest piligrimage anyone can be a part of.. the football world cup!!

Hey Shom, i finally did find the invite for this blog :-). Good sports alright!! Lets keep it rockin!!! (thought it makes my blog redundant :-D)
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