Monday, June 20, 2005


Indy !!!

I am sure Bernie Ecclestone would've been overjoyed at the way he was able to sell formula 1 to the fans in the United States. Wow, what a close race huh... 6 people in all!!! Nail-biting stuff !!!

In all seriousness, i think this is the worst sporting moments i've been witness to. All weekend there was talk of a boycott by the Michelin teams, but i never believed they would go ahead. The race attracts 200,000 fans, it is a unique circuit, without doubt one of the best in the world and this is what they get. People stay up late on the other side of the globe to watch and this is what they have to see. It is a fucking travesty.

Yes without doubt the fingers will point at Ferrari. Hey why couldn't you guys pull out??? What the hell, they worked hard; they've had their share of tyre problems and they are finally starting to get it right, and they were placed well for the race. Why then is it their fault for opting to continue? They were certainly not obligated to agree to a chicance at turn 13. Heck that would've played a big part and would've helped michelin a lot as that was the point their tyres were undergoing maximum stress. Are they fucking dumbasses to sit by and watch their opponents try to change the circuit layout *after* qualifying and that too, for Michelin's fault ??

It would've been very risky to let these guys go out and race knowing that the tire could've given up anytime. So in that way there are perfectly justified. But then you have to ask, could they not have decided to follow a speed limit at turns 12 and 13 so as to save their tyres???

It is shocking that Michelin now blame FIA for what has happenned. It is a fucking travesty. It will of course be a hollow win for Ferrari when in fact they were in great shape for this weekend. It is just unbelievable that having known of this since Friday evening, the FIA and the teams could not work something out. As Charlie Whiting said, the teams had the option to change their tyres on a regular basis and accept a penalty if it came to that?? The bosses apparently wanted to put up a show but the FIA's staunch refusal was the problem. That's a lot of crap Flavio Briatore, Pierre Dupasquier and the others. This is beyond doubt one of the worst days in sport that i've ever seen. A sport that i've followed, on an everyday basis almost, since 1994, and i've never ever seen anything this bad.

Things will be back to normal next race, ironically at Michelin's home at Magny Cours. You have to wonder, the FIA has to share the blame. Their stupid one tyre per weekend has certainly caused big accidents - Kimi Raikonnen, Ralf Schumacher - who's next ??? The rules that they wanted to put forth in a couple of yrs time seems to take the sport back 20 yrs. Formula1- The pinnacle of motorsport?? Well it does not seem so right now !! It seems more like a fucking circus !!
And Shom, yeh this is what we call "bad sports" !!!
fully agree..
if this is what u call 'promoting' f1 in the world's biggest auto market, then god save bernie and F1!!!!!
Question: Why is it so hard to break a rule in F1 these days?

Answer: Because, for all you know, that might not be a rule at all but another rule may screw your arse!!!

Screw FIA, Michelin etc etc etc...

All drivers, take up scuba diving!!!
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