Monday, June 27, 2005


Scary Good

Birdie Kim won the US Women's. Amateur Morgan Pressel missed out on the last shot. I saw bits of the 2nd and the whole of the 3rd day. Pressel was good. Creamer was good. Sorenstam had two off-days. But let me talk Michelle Wie here. Scary Good is I suppose the word for her. Now this is not quite tennis or gymnastics that one sees a 15-year old being competitive with the best in the world at a premier championship. And here, seeing her play, it was scary to think of what she would become in two years' time. She was not just competitive, she looked like playing a different game from the other women. And that type of a thing is seen only with Sorenstam, and that too only once in a while. Neither Pressel, who outperformed Wie, and is 17 herself, nor Creamer, who is 18, really seemed that way. And when you consider that a golfer could be at the peak of his/ her abilities till about 45....
Yes, very soon, just like in men's golf, we will focussing most of our attention at W on the scoreboard ticker in women's golf too.
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