Sunday, September 11, 2005



It would have ben mighty disappointing had Kim Clijsters retired (which she has planned to do by 2007) without winning a grand slam.

Thankfully, that's a saved situation.

And I think Agassi would not be able to do a Sampras. It will be Federer.

And playing defensive in this ashes series is death. Therefore, England would possibly lose this fifth test. And they would in reality have lost it before the match started. Or else, how can a team wishing to win a match replace Simon Jones with Paul Collingwood?
You cant really blame England for picking Collingwood. Their objective was to either draw or win the 5th Test and their belief must have been that Collingwood was not such a bad player that they could hav lost. And ultimately, Australia's batting, though a lil more successful than the previous tests, prove to be the decisive factor. I surely expected them to take a first innings lead after a great opening stand.

However, the turning point of the whole match must be Warne's dropped chance of Pietersen.
Aren't we making the )rather presumptuous) assumption that this is Agassi's last US Open?
Time and time again, Agassi has raised the bar and come back and worked harder.
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