Friday, September 23, 2005


The World Cup of MotorSport


1. As the title says (or as the more dramatic statement of Sheikh Makthoum, Founder, President, and Chairman of the circus goes-"Ladies and gentlemen, for the pride of your nations...start your engines!!!").

2. A claimed level-playing field. All cars with the same engine specs, with the option to tinker around with front and rear wings, and dampers only. So, the onus falls on the driver's skills (including the judicious use of the highly interesting Power Booster which can increase the engine power output to the maximum 550bhp by 30bhp for a certain amount of time) and team planning.

3. Separate points for Sprint race and the Standing Start races with bonus points for fastest laps.


1. As some nations with absolutely no history in motorsport are participating (most of us know who they are), there's a potential for rather disjoint termination of rounds.

2. This may be faulted as seen from F1's perspective. But the impression I got was that 12 rounds are too few to judge one team as the numero uno among 25.

But, I really hope that this comes good and stays for some years to come.

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