Tuesday, November 29, 2005


After Inzamam, who?

Nice article by Saad Shafqat on one of the modern-day cricketers I greatly admire. Read it on Cricinfo.

The last paragraph poses a question.

For all of its cricket life, Pakistan has benefited from the services of a batting anchor of great merit. Hanif Mohammad carried on for close to two decades, but when he finally played his last Test match, at Karachi in October 1969, it was also the occasion for Zaheer Abbas's Test debut. When Zaheer's powers began to wane in the early 1980s, Miandad emerged in full bloom. And then in 1992 there was that symbolic partnership in the World Cup semi-final at Auckland. As Pakistani fans celebrate Inzamam's ascent to the pantheon, they are also scanning from horizon to horizon but finding no successor.

Who will it be? My bet is on Salman Butt. But how about Younis Khan? Or Asim Kamal? Not refuting the claims of either, but my butt feel is on Gut... uh, well, whatever.

So... will this be another blogged prediction of mine which will come right? Let's wait and watch.

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