Friday, November 18, 2005


Is it WWE? Is it a K-serial? No, it is...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

.... read on to know.

Week 1:

Vince McMahon, the co-owner of WWF (with his estranged wife Linda) quite likes this guy Triple H (alias Hunter Hearst Helmesley). Triple H is married to McMahon's daughter Stephanie. Triple H has also, with the back-up of McMahon, built around him a brat-pack of WWE fighters called the "Generation X", with the steady, strong Batista as his right-hand man. And now, as a mentor for the team, they get the old warhorse, Hulk Hogan. Triple H really, really admires Hogan and could not stop gushing at how Generation X under the tutelage of Hogan is going to destroy all opposition at WWE.

Week 2:

But trouble is brewing. At one end, Mihir uncle and Tulsi auntie’s competitor, Naresh Gujral, who has huge contacts with the underworld, is trying to take over the Viranis' family business. And on the other hand, Chandrakant-sir, the U.S. returned friend of Mihir uncle, who was instated as the chief mentor of the business to help out Amit, Tulsi auntie’s favourite son and now CEO of the Virani Group, is trying to gain control of the decision-making of the group. Chandrakant-sir also wants Amit to be replaced by Vikas, who although is not as much a favourite of Tulsi aunty, is a nice, agreeable and capable chap. And with Amit's performance as CEO becoming increasingly sketchy, many think of Vikas to be the right guy for the job.

Week 3:

Vince McMahon plays his cards well and avoids a legal confrontation with Linda McMahon. On the other hand, the battle between Hogan and Triple H has taken fever pitch. Triple H, after winning a Royal-Rumble match, after being presented the championship belt, flattens Hogan (who was on ringside) with a steel-chair hit to the back of his head. Later on, while Triple H was guest-commenting for a match between Mad-eye-Moody and The Undertaker, Hogan clubs Triple H with a baseball bat. Triple H is injured and it is rumoured that he will not return to the ring for two weeks.

Week 4:

While Tulsi aunty, Mihir uncle and Naresh Gujral are lying low for a while, Vikas is appointed as the CEO of the Virani empire after the Board of Directors have taken the decision to remove the ailing Amit from the CEO's post. But Amit stages a miraculous recovery and is back to office two days after he has come out of a coma. The small entrepreneurial venture that he is running parallel with the Virani Group job, bids for a prestigious U.K. project.

Week 5:

Jagmohan Dalmiya is still lying low, and so is Sharad Pawar before the BCCI elections. Sourav Ganguly is supposed to be back at his best, mauling the North Zone attack en-route a win for the East Zone in the Duleep Trophy. In the meantime, team India is rocking, with probably their best cricketing display in the last year-and-half for a comprehensive victory against the Lankans...

...and you ask me why I don't watch WWE or "Kyonki Saas Bhi..."?

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